June 1, 2010

More new talent for ya!

British multi-talented musician, producer and DJ Richard Earnshaw unveils his long awaited debut album titled ‘In Time’ on Groovefinder Records.  

‘In Time’ is a glorious tapestry of soulful grooves, covering the whole musical spectrum from Jazz, Soul, funk, house and beyond!  

The album sees Richard pull in a team of heavyweight musicians and vocalists including major stars Jocelyn Brown, Carleen Anderson, Roy Ayers, Ursula Rucker and Kenny Thomas, as well as hand picked newcomers and previous collaborators, Nina Jayne (BMG); Imogen Ryall (One51); Natasha Bridges (Former X Factor contender/Pure Liberty) and Eric Dillard (Nuwavonic).

With the album a staggering 7 years in the making, some may argue it’s about time!.. But we are sure you will agree ‘In Time’ was well worth the wait!!
Says Rich: “When I first set out to make ‘In Time’, I soon realised I had an amazing opportunity to stretch myself and collaborate with high profile guests.. it’s been a privilege and an incredible journey of sound, poetry and rhythm.” 
Richard has earned his stripes as one of Britain’s great dance music producers! After his debut single release ‘People Are People’ on Soulfuric Deep in 2002 and a string of high profile productions/remixes, the following year saw Richard and friend and fellow musician Danny Jones set up their own label Duffnote – one of many to come! Duffnote was followed by One51 Recordings in 2004 and Guess Records in 2005, both set up as vehicles to push the various styles of sound emerging from the Earnshaw lab, all of which are going strong today!

As well as output on his own labels, Richard has recorded and releases tracks for Defected, Soulfuric, King St, Swing City, Large, BMG, Clubstar, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Purple Music, Morehouse and Peppermint Jam to name but a few.  He also records and produces under various monikers including The Fusion Groove Orchestra, Spiritchaser, Soul Unity, The Little Big Band and One51.

The release of the ‘In Time’ album will be accompanied by a selection of single releases with the album title track featuring Erik Dillard and the legendary Roy Ayers due for release in July 2010.
For Richard, music is his passion and his joy. For him, “…it is great to think that by creating and performing music, people can forget about the negative things in life and embrace the positives. Even if only for a short time.”

1. GOODLOVE ft Erik Dillard
2. MY DOOR IS OPEN ft Carleen Anderson
3. WORTHY ft Jocelyn Brown
4. RISE ft Ursula Rucker & Roy Ayers
5. CIRCLES ft Nina Jayne
7. YOUNG AND FOOLISH ft Natasha Bridges
8. WAITING ft Kenny Thomas
9. CRY ME A RIVER ft Imogen Ryall
10. IN TIME ft Erik Dillard & Roy Ayers

Get a taster of the album with the sampler here:

Great, right?
LIVE DATE!! Richard Earnshaw will be launching ‘In Time’ with a full live band performance at London’s Jazz Café on Saturday June 19th, featuring very special guests who appear on the album including Kenny Thomas, Imogen Ryall, Nina Jayne, Natasha Bridges, along with Simon Green and Natasha Watts.. And.. Some big surprise guests too!


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