PREEYA: SHIMMY – hottest song of the summer!

June 11, 2010

Whatever you thought, think again.


Preeya featuring Mumzy Stranger ‘Shimmy’


Tribal remix by Rishi Rich

Released July 26, 2010 on Mercury Records

Whatever you thought, think again. You will recognise the face of Preeya Kalidas already; known to millions as the acclaimed actress, most recently appearing in the UK’s no.1 Soap, however things are about to change. From the silver screen to the stage, West End to the East End, Preeya has had the most remarkable career. But now it’s all about the music, back to where it all started.

Preeya, who signed her recording contract with Mercury Records in late 2009, has been working non-stop on her debut record. Her sound is a force of pop nature; a potent brew of sassy, sexy, soulful pop music. A collection of one-hit-and-you’re-smitten smash hits with added emotional depth.

It will sit on play-lists beside Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and La Roux and declare its ethnicity with exactly the same candour as they do. Playful, sincere, infectious and just a little bit naughty.

You see Preeya’s soul has always been engrained in music. This is no whim, but a passionate journey that started in her childhood. When she met her new music management company Big Life (The Verve, Richard Ashcroft, La Roux, The Klaxons, Badly Drawn Boy), things began to fall into place with a brevity she hadn’t seen before.

‘Music is not something that I’ve just plucked out of the air or that I’m turning to capitalise on my exposure in a soap opera. For me its always been my passion, something I’ve always wanted to do’.

And now she’s on the way to do it.

First single ‘Shimmy’ (released July 26, 2010) features the UK’s answer to Sean Paul, the hotly tipped Mumzy Stranger. An out of the box smash in the wings, the track takes you on a journey through the dancefloor.

As Preeya explains – ‘When we were in the studio and we started laying it down, building it, it just became so sassy. It’s total escapism, a real brew of sexyness and ethnicity. Having Mumzy on the record has given it a real energy and I hope people will really be able to relate to it’.

Written by Celetia Martin and Alex James, and produced by Kalle Engstrom, the track has also been remixed by Rishi Rich, one of the key figures in the industry responsible for driving through British Asian talent, most notably Jay Sean. For Preeya, it’s now about unleashing her inner self, writing and creating music that she always aspired to do.

Looking back, she can trace her interest in the more fabulous end of performance and presentation back to her own childhood, in the multi-cultural suburbs of London. ‘Watching glamorous women performing always captivated me somehow. One of my earliest memories was watching Madonna on Top Of The Pops, just entranced. They all fell into place after that. For me I’ve always admired iconic, strong, talented women. That’s what its all been about’. Sparkle and stardust. Diamonds and pearls. A red carpet for every occasion. This was the stuff of the young Preeya’s dreams.

However Preeya has recognised that there was a void when she was growing up; ‘I didn’t register it when I was very young but all the women who were most aspirational to me were non-Asian.’ As a teenager she began to think about the conundrum more. Where were the real-life role models for young Asian girls that had been brought up respectful of their heritage but inured by and open to the Western dream of being a superstar?

Preeya might just have turned herself into the role model she missed out on having as a child and teen. ‘I am respectful of my heritage. But I want to play it out on my terms.’

She certainly has.

Get Ready. Preeya is about to be unleashed.

Watch the STUNNING video here:

Hot hot hot, right?


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