LEROY Part 2!

July 7, 2010

As promised, here’s the second part of Justin Kantor’s epic interview with the legendary Leroy Burgess over at soulmusic.com.

Here’s Leroy talking about working with Cool Million:

“It was a musical track. It had no vocals, except for some party crowd vocals. But no lyrics. I actually composed the lyrics and melody and recorded the vocals in my home studio, brought in some people to do some background and sent it back. I decided to use the name of his project Cool Million, and I named the song “Cool To Make A Million.” I thought it was a universal concept that everybody could get into, how cool it would be to make a million dollars.”

Awesome, right?

Read the interview/listen to the podcast here:


Don’t forget, Leroy’s new album Throwback Vol 2 is out now!



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