Nothin’ but the real MCKOY

September 2, 2010

There’s a great new interview with the mighty Noel McKoy in the current issue of Blues & Soul.

Noel talks about his two-decade career encompassing reggae, rock, acid jazz, and conscious soul; his appearance at the Vintage at Goodwood festival; and his forthcoming single Jealousy taken from the 2009 album Brighter Days.

Says Noel on today’s UK black/soul scene:

 Well, if you’re talking music scene in terms of black PEOPLE, it’s definitely on the UP! Because, if you look amongst the artists, we’ve never SEEN so many black UK males in the charts at the same time! You know, the Wiley’s, the Dizzee’s, the Chipmunk’s, the Ironik’s – all these guys are having Number One HITS! Whereas prior to them it was just your Lemar, Craig David… And then prior to THAT we can go back to maybe Seal, Billy Ocean… So, in terms of actual exposure, things are very GOOD! But having said that, for me personally I’m not really convinced the actual QUALITY of the music is at a high. I just find a lotta the music I’m hearing, that’s coming out and crossing over, is very synthetic and not really that inspiring. To me it’s very beat-oriented and, while I’m definitely all for change in music, I just think there could be more lyrical content and musicality. I basically think we need to make it more soulful again and have the kinda characters that we had back in the day, like the Omar’s and the Mica Paris’ – as well as more recent people like Terri Walker, who was also very good… But, you know, things always go round in circles. So I guess we’ll just see what HAPPENS.”

Read the interview in full here:


Watch Noel perform Jealousy  live in Shoreditch here:

Outstanding vocals!


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