LEROY BURGESS interview!

September 15, 2010

Blues & Soul have come up trumps with an amazing in-depth interview with the mastro of boogie Leroy Burgess talking extensively about his career, and the tracks that form his recently released album Throwback Vol II.

As Leroy explains to scribe Pete Lewis:

“…the ‘Throwback Vol II’ part obviously signifies it being a follow-up to my album ‘Throwback Vol I’ – which I additionally titled ‘Harlem 79 – 83’, simply because that was where and when we did the composition of most of the songs contained on THAT one”, explains Leroy patiently: “But then, from 1983 to through to ’86, we – that is, me, James Calloway and Sonny Davenport, who were my primary composition and production partners – were doing a lotta hanging out in the Sugar Hill area of North Manhattan just ABOVE Harlem, and getting our inspiration from THAT neighbourhood. So, because this album contains our compositions from that period, that’s why I decided to call it ‘Throwback (Vol II): Sugar Hill 83 – 86’!”

Read the interview in full here:



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