WILL DOWNING talks to Blues & Soul!

October 5, 2010

There’s a cracking interview with Will Downing in the new digital edition of Blues & Soul.

Will chats to the newly-promoted assitant editor Pete Lewis (congrats, Pete!), about the strictly soulful new album Lust, Love & Lies, which was released in the UK last week.

Says Will on the concept of the record, which he refers to as an ‘audio soap opera’:

“Well, I’ve actually had the concept for this record for the last five or six years – I just didn’t know how to go ABOUT it at first. But then I finally just said to myself ‘Listen, at what point in your career are you gonna be able to DO something like this – I mean, when is the right TIME?!’… And so with this album I eventually decided to just put the work in and do something completely DIFFERENT! You know, when you’ve done as many projects as I have, after a while people start to say ‘Oh, it’s just another Will Downing record – it’s nothing special’… So at this stage I felt I really needed to kinda just stir up the pot a little bit and do something I’d never done BEFORE! I basically wanted to let people know that creatively I’m not dead yet, and that I still have something to say!”

Sounds good to us!

Read the interview in full here:



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