New AVANT album almost here!

November 3, 2010

Hot new music for the end of the year!

We hear that Avant’s new album The Letter is set to drop in the UK/U.S this December.

Stateside, the album is being warmed-up by first single Your Body Is The Business, which is starting to heat up at radio…

More news soon. In the meantime, Here’s the finished album cover and tracklisting:

1.) Graduated
2.) Hot 16
3.) Kiss Goodbye
4.) Had Enough
5.) Body Police
6.) Nightlife
7.) Your Body is the Business
8.) Wake Up
9.) That Dude
10.) Where Did We Go
11.) Walking On Water

Looking good!


One comment

  1. Love the CD!!! Why is it 11 songs again. Your last CD AVANT was 11. I want more!! Hungry to hear more just 11. Well hope you are recording another CD already when this drops! I want another CD from you for the summer of 11. Im single and it’s by choice. I need your voice for my meds. I stay focus listening to AVANT.

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