WILL DOWNING album reviews

November 3, 2010

Will Downing’s killer new album Lust, Love and Lies continues to garner phenomenal reviews and press Stateside!

The Urban Music Scene write:

“The biggest attraction on this Peak Records CD is that Downing’s music superbly slices and dices the tension and thoughts filtering through his mind.  Once again, Lust, Love & Lies proves Will Downing gives us further reason that he is one of the best R&B/jazz interpreters and one of the most dedicated talents in urban music today. ”

Read in full here:



Essence Magazine quiz Will in a brief interview:

“So how do you feel about people calling your work baby making-music?
WILL DOWNING: I hear that more time in a day than I can count. And I guess my music is that because its basically adult music. To be honest I don’t know how to categorize my music, but if people want to call it baby-making music, then I say go on and practice on it.”

Read more: http://www.essence.com/entertainment/hot_topics/will_downing_on_new_album_lust_love_lies.php#ixzz14DijXIgt

Read in full here:


Nice work, Will!


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