LIAM BAILEY talks to Blues & Soul

December 8, 2010

There’s a great interview in the new issue of Blues and Soul with  Liam Bailey, talking about his forthcoming  EP So Down, Cold, on Amy Winehouse’s label Lioness Records.

Says Liam on his debut album, set to drop through Polydor in 2011:

It’s definitely soul music with some blues and a lot of very true-to-life lyrics. You know, there’s no trivia. Like the song ‘You Better Leave Me’ is dealing directly with what I was going through with my girlfriend at the time. Where I got paranoid that I couldn’t love her because I couldn’t love MYSELF any more. And so I found myself playing games to mess around with her emotions. Like going out and not telling her where I was, or turning my phone off to avoid contact with the immediate reality… So yeah, for me this whole album does represent a landmark achievement – in the sense of coming from a council estate in Nottingham to working with the guy who produced The Fugees! Because you know, there were a lot of years spent in Nottingham wondering when my time was EVER gonna come. And so for me to be now working with a guy whose records I grew up listening to is a big deal! Plus I’m also very happy it’s come at the age I’m at now, as opposed to when I was 16. Because it means the material is a lot stronger, and there’s a lot more SOUL in there.”

Read the interview in full here:


We’re very excited about Liam’s amazing music for next year!

Listen to the title track from the So Down, Cold EP here:


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