TOM GLIDE in Blues & Soul!

January 11, 2011

There’s a brilliant interview with Tom Glide in the new online edition of Blues and Soul.

Scribe Pete Lewis questions Tom on the In The Name of Luv album, and forthcoming single Luv Is Coming Up.

Says Tom on deciding upon the album’s title:

“Because the whole experience turned out to be a beautiful and magical collaboration that was done with total love, respect, emotion, passion and talent. I honestly think I found the perfect team of musicians to work with. And the first thing that comes to mind when I think about those 45 days of studio sessions with the guys, is that sense of happiness, music, peace, love and mutual respect that’ll remain with me for a very long time. Because the guys were all incredibly giving men, who were genuinely happy to be working on this project. You know, with Patrick from the start being adamant that we were to use nothing but real, live musicians, everybody was like ‘Oh man, we’ve been looking to do this kind of project for so LONG!’… So yeah, it was a creatively very intense period that turned into not only a fantastic MUSICAL experience, but also a great HUMAN experience. Which, as I say, is why ‘In The Name Of Luv’ ended up becoming the TITLE!”

Read the interview in full here:


Great stuff!


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