New AVANT interview!

January 12, 2011

There’s a great new interview with Avant just published in soulmusic.com, talking about the upcoming album The Letter, his songwriting, and everything inbetween!

Says our boy on the state of the current R&B scene:

“I think it’s actually on the comeback. There’s a lot of great albums out there that I’m really feeling. Everything is a cycle. You had to go through the whole hip-hop cycle and that was great. I mean, we’re all hip-hop heads anyway. But you got to get back to the roots of what music is. I look at the Luther Vandrosses of the world, the Babyfaces, those guys showed us how to be men and how to cater to a woman. And that’s what the kids are missing now. We got a lot of kids out here and they say the parents ain’t doing their job. Well, none of us are, honestly. Even musically, so we have to teach these kids something.”

Read/listen to the interview in full here:


The Letter is released in the UK January 24th on Verve/Concord.


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