March 16, 2011

It brings us joy to present to you a taste of some of the newest and brightest R&B & Soul from the relaunched legendary Street Sounds label.

This brand new double album Street Sounds Vol 1  features no less than 41 slices of the coolest Urban ‘soul jams’ and ‘club bangers’ – Independent label driven – from the USA and Canada.

This new milestone in Black Music compilation history is unleashed April 4th on double CD and download.
The tracks included really are hot off the press – and are all exclusive to Street Anthems.
This groundbreaking release is courtesy of the enigmatic Street Sounds head Morgan Khan.
Back at the helm, his attention to detail hasn’t waned one bit in his endeavour to bring new artists and music to the UK table. Firing on all cylinders , this album will launch the Street Sounds brand into the 21st century Urban market with quality and gusto – and we feel sure will recreate the groundbreaking success the label originated.

R&B Street Anthems
is split into two sides : R&B ‘soul Jams’ and R&B ‘club bangers’ … and over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you a taste of the most killer cuts !

Kicking things off are two MONSTER club tunes: Way Too Drunk from Izzy Isadore and Wild N Crazy from Nablidon feat DJ Class.

Fast becoming a buzz track Stateside, Way Too Drunk is receiving thousands of hits on You Tube, and it’s not hard to hear why … this is nothing short of a club anthem! 

Wild N Crazy is also HUGE! Nablidon was responsible for the platinum-selling remix for Yolande Be Cool’s We Speak No Americano … so knows what works on a party floor!

Listen to Way Too Drunk from Izzy Isadore here:


Listen to Wild N Crazy from Nablidon ft DJ Class here:


Hot, right?

R&B Street Anthems drops April 4th. Look out for more exclusive music coming soon!


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