JAG – It Ain’t Over

March 30, 2011


Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Hustle, a track co-written with The Kray Twinz, featuring Sway and Twister,  Jag returns with a storming new single It Ain’t Over, set for release April 18th.

It Ain’t Over is infectious, upbeat and soulful to the max, and sure to set dancefloors alight….when the bass drops, it’s all over!

Says Jag, “I had this chorus idea about a guy and a girl who never really break up, I wanted to take this track to the clubs and who better to get on the production duties than The Kray Twinz!”

Watch the great video for It Ain’t Over here:

Jag’s previous outings include Second Guess, on which he sang lead vocal with Reel People, the innovative Take You There (which was championed by Trevor Nelson) and Whatever It Takes (much loved on 1xtra and A listed on Choice).

Headhunted for the international hit musical Thriller Live! (the Michael Jackson musical) Jag toured nationally and in Europe, including a stint in London’s West End. 

Although grateful for the opportunity, and at the height of the show’s success, Jag made the decision to leave the show and continue with his true calling!

It Ain’t Over is just a tip of the iceberg!


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