5 stars for ELECTRIC EMPIRE + new interview!

July 19, 2011

The buzz continues to build for Electric Empire’s self-titled debut album, with this fantastic 5 star review from soulandjazzfunk.com!

Writes Bill Buckley:

“Different commentators have tried to come up with reference points to Electric Empire’s sound and most keep coming back to the Stevie Wonder/Al Green axis. And yes, there’s a distinct flavour of both maestros about their work. The most obvious Stevie reference comes on the complex ‘Then It’s Over’. On it, there’s a lovely wandering clavinet weaving in and out of Dowlut’s vocal as he caresses lyrics that speak of “other galaxies” and “never-returning shooting stars”… all very Wonderous. There’s more Stevie (circa ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’) flavours on ‘Have You Around’, ‘Brother’, ‘I Just Give It’ and ‘Life Again’ , while the big Al Green homage is the already and rightly big, ‘Baby Your Lovin”. It’s so good that it would standout on any album… here, it’s just one of many great tracks.”

Read the review in full here:


Also, check out this BRILLIANT interview with the boys over at Soul Cuts, where they talk in great depth about the album and their musical influences. It’s a great piece that really captures where the guys are at musically, and also features some killer live clips that must be seen!

Read the interview here:


Great stuff!


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