More U.S raves for LEDISI’S Pieces of Me

August 24, 2011

Check out these great press quotes garnered for Ledisi’s new album Pieces of Me, set for UK release September 26th.


“Each of Ledisi’s previous two albums…has netted her a pair of Grammy nominations, but on her new album, she isn’t resting on her laurels.” 



“It’s a straightforward  statement of self-realization in a song and album that are about coming to grips  with the multiplicity of female identity. That simplicity renders power: Where a  less disciplined artist might have gone for a full-throated, orchestral gospel  exclamation, the New Orleans-born, Oakland-bred singer with the Nigerian first  name makes a statement, period.”


“Though singing in the first person, Ledisi makes it clear she’s a stand-in for her listeners: unreadable, resilient and passionate, “a woman not afraid to be strong.”


“after surprisingly scoring a Grammy Best New Artist nomination, this this old-school R&B belter continues to prove that was no fluke, displaying shades of Chaka Khan on funky cuts such as ‘Coffee’ and ‘Shut Up’



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