August 31, 2011

Check out this great new interview with Beverley Knight talking to blog Soul Jones about all things Soul UK.

Says Bev on working with Glenn Scott on the just-released Apparently Nothin’:

I thought it would sound wicked just the two of us…Instead of just my vocal because both Carleen Anderson (who sang lead on the original) and myself are singers with a high voices blah blah blah I thought it would just sound like “yeah whatever!” so to do that kind of David Frank/The System  octave singing I thought might work. And the band was in it, they were jamming, but they didn’t stop at the natural end, they just kept going, so Glen and I started to just make up stuff on the spot and we were like ‘oh shit this is going down!’ Just the two of us trading back and forth; with Brian Chambers, my background singer it’s a similar thing. It completely brings out a different kind of performance that can just energize and spiritualize.”

Read the interview in full here:


Beverley’s new single Cuddly Toy/Apparently Nothin’ is available for download on iTunes and all other digitial retailers now.


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