Ian Levine Bares His Soul

January 11, 2012

Check out this very special soul podcast from producer Ian Levine.

Says the man himself:

“This is my first three hour podcast. My own special radio show bringing you what I consider to be the cream of the crop of my own personal music tastes. This is not a competition for who has the rarest records. It’s quality before value. And yet there are some very valuable records here too. I have always been controversial, but this time I particularly hope to impress and deliver. To avoid unnecessary criticism, I have purposely not played any of my own productions, and each and every one of these records is played off original 45 vinyl. This is music to lift your spirits, to make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle, to lift your depression, to remind you that life is worth living to the fullest. This is the best music the world has ever created. Dedicated to the memories of Les Cokell and Dave Godin.

Listen here:



One comment

  1. Thankyou Steve for posting this on to your contacts. it makes me a very proud man.

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