The Independent Chart Show

June 21, 2012


Listen now through Pure Lounge


The Pure Lounge is your online gateway to a world of live radio, on-demand content (podcasts, listen again programmes and ambient sounds) and all the music you’ll ever want.*

You can use the Pure Lounge to listen on your computer. All the content available on the Lounge is also available on any Pure internet radio or smartphone running the Lounge app.

The Pure Lounge’s powerful search function makes it easy to find the content you want. Favourites and playlists that you save on the Lounge also appear on your other listening devices. You can also explore new listening featured by our editorial team.

You can use the Pure Lounge to sign up to Pure subscription services such as Pure Music and Pure Tag. Pure Music gives you instant access to millions of music tracks*; Pure Tag is a unique, free, tagging service which lets you identify tracks playing on your radio, bookmark them on the Lounge and buy them direct from your radio.**

The Pure Lounge makes finding great listening easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Create a free Lounge account now and start saving your favourite stations, and on-demand programmes and subscribing to Pure services.



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