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COOL MILLION are double award winners!

August 12, 2010

Congratulations to Cool Million who won gongs for Best Global Artist/Group AND Best Soul Album for Back For More at last Saturday’s Soul Survivors Awards 2010!

Each award was voted for by readers of the Soul Survivors magazine … so it’s great to see so much love for the boys and their album out in the soul world! 

Also, much love goes to Teena Marie, who won the Best Soul Concert award for her now LEGENDARY show at London’s O2 in January!

You can see the full list of winners, catch-up more on the event, and find out info on the latest issue of the magazine at:

Congrats again on the double whammy, guys. Much desereved, and here’s to many more!


Meli’sa Morgan interview!

May 24, 2010

Meli’sa Morgan has been speaking to the fantastic about her amazing career and working with Cool Million on the Back For More album!

Here’s a taster:

“Actually, Frank from Cool Million approached me first, and he actually approached me on Myspace — which, you never think those things work, but they really do. He found me on Myspace and we started talking, and then he emailed me the song, and I wrote some lyrics to it, and we arranged that when Rob, who was the actual producer came into town, that I would go into the studio with him and do the song, and that’s how it came about. It’s a wonderful thing…”

Read the interview and get the podcast link here:


Rob Hardt’s inspirational trax

May 12, 2010

When we spoke to Cool Million’s Rob Hardt a couple of weeks ago, we asked him to give us a rundown of the tracks that have most inspired him as a songwriter and producer.

After some thought, he gave us this cracking list…

1. Jean Carne – ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’

2. Marvin Gaye – ‘What’s Going On’

3. Brothers Johnson – ‘Stomp’

4. Michael Jackson – complete ‘Thriller’ album

5. Rose Royce – ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’

Love it – thanks Rob!


COOL MILLION talk to Blues & Soul

May 10, 2010

There’s a great new interview with Rob Hardt from Cool Million at Blues & Soul online.

As ever, B&S writer Pete Lewis comes up trumps, bringing the best out of the artists he interviews.

Here’s a choice excerpt:

“The music that’s most influenced me as a musician has always been the disco/R&B/soul of the late-Seventies/early-Eighties – mainly because of the great vocals that those artists delivered back then. Plus I always loved the whole ‘I wanna go out tonight and have fun’-type vibe of it. Which is something I miss a lot in the R&B of TODAY – where instead everything and everybody is so cool, and nobody’s really SHAKING anything! So for me it felt like a great combination – to keep the vibe alive and work with legends that I’ve always loved from the Eighties, while also bringing in some new people who don’t wanna record with those autotune-type effects on their voice that are so popular today… And it ended up being a really fun project, where we had a lotta freedom to work with brilliant artists who could deliver great vocals to our tracks. You know, everything flowed very easily; there were no big heads… In fact it was one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever HAD as a producer!”

Good stuff!

Read in full here:


Soul Tracks review COOL MILLION

May 7, 2010

Cool Million’s new album Back For More has been receiving praise across the board since its release.

The latest review from Soul Tracks continues the trend!

They write: “Back for More would be worth the price of admission if only for Wilde’s great take on the title track, a cut that sounds like a long lost Kashif smash. The track is uber infectious and Wilde nails it vocally, as he does on the Alexander O’Neal/Cherelle-like duet with his sister Dee Dee, “Loose.”  Not far behind are funk workouts by Burgess (“Cool to Make a Million”), Morgan (“Sweet Baby”) and Rena Scott (“Come to Me”). Among the newcomers, Aussie beauty Jeniqua deftly handles the adult midtempo, “Making Love,” Paul Mac Innes delivers the horn-filled number “Back Together” and Chicago’s Yvonne Gage is wonderful on “Hurry Home.” ”

Read the review in full here:

Also, look out for  Rob Hardt’s all-time Top 5 soul tracks coming exclusively to Soul Food next week!


Rob Hardt interview! Soul Food exclusive!

May 4, 2010

The incredibly talented Rob Hardt, one half of Cool Million, recently sat down with us at Soul Food to talk about the new record Back For More.

As you can imagine, we had plenty of questions!

1. Cool Million is partnership between yourself and Frank Ryle. What do you think each of you brings to the table in terms of production?
We have the same love for soul music from our pool of records we love , we get the inspiration for all our music. Frank and myself function like a unit and we are in the lucky situation that we always agree 100% to everything we do. He is preparing the backtracks for the aritst and I do the final production.
2.What was your aim in making the Back for More album?
1st of all to bring back some artists we always dreamed of to work with and also to bring back the music we love in a fresh sound. Last but not least we wanted to do a album you can listen through from the first track to the last one. A lot of the feedback we’re getting right now says exactly this thing 🙂
3. What comes first when you’re in the studio, the production or the songwriting?
Always the songwriting, because it is the essential part of the song. I´ll do the final production when the last note from the singer is recorded. The artist is the main focus of the song for Frank and myself.
4. Any particular songs that influenced the album’s conception?
Way to many to metion 🙂 It was the time of music that influenced us. We were young men going out to clubs, and falling in love for the first time. So the 80s soul was the soundtrack to our lives back in the day.
5. You’ve worked with some amazing vocalists on this record. How do you pick who you want to work with?
We don’t have a priority list , but we had some faves like Meli´sa Morgan, and Eugene Wilde we always wanted to work with. We started contacting them and our artist roster got bigger and bigger
6. Anyone not on the album that you’d like to work with next time around?
Too many good people again 🙂 We would love to work with Kenni Burke, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Jocelyn Brown and 500 more artists.
7. You recently collaborated with the orginal King of Remixing, Tom Moulton. What do you like about his work, and what did he bring to the Cool Million sound?
Tom is the Godfather of the extended disco version and with his remixes he had a big influence on us. After 2 years knowing him now he became family for Frank and myself. I had the luck to meet him in New York and was impressed by all the stuff he did and he is still doing.
8. You’ve had some hot remixes done so far. What are your views on remixing in general?
Frank and I are pretty open minded to any kind of music and remixing is also a nice tool to bring your music to a different audience. I work also as a remixer and it´s always fun to see things in the track the producer of the original didn´t see. It´s always a challange , and the same thing the other way around too. You never know what the remixer will hear in your music.
9. Any ambitions to tour with this record?
Yes , we just played at the Baltic soul weekender in Germany a p.a. and looking how we set up Cool Million on stage right now. Our ideal situation would be to play with a full live band.
10. What’s next for Cool Million?
Right now we are in the middle of promoting the album and we are looking forward to release the Sweet Baby house mixes soon.

What a gent! Thanks Rob!


Soul Tracks review COOL MILLION

April 23, 2010

Cool Million’s new album Back For More has received another glowing review – this time in Soul Tracks.

They write: “Cool Million turned a lot of heads with their 2008 debut album, as they convincingly captured quarter century old dance sounds and threw in surprisingly strong songwriting to deliver an extremely enjoyable disc that seemed happily out of place.  And Back for More is an equally strong disc and perhaps even more notable because of its impressive cast of contributors.  Classic soul stars like Meli’sa Morgan, Eugene Wilde, LeRoy BurgessPeggi Blu and long lost soul man Al Broomfield join together with a newer generation of international R&B singers, and they all sound great fronting the upbeat, electronic wall of sound created by Cool Million.”

Loving it!

Read the review in full here: