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AVANT interview + album out now!

January 25, 2011

Check out this great new audio interview with Avant talking to NYC’s YouKnowIGotSoul!

Our boy talks in-depth about the making of his killer new album The Letter, and his views on the current soul/r&b scene!

Listen here:

Also, if you missed earlier this month, there’s an informative U.S  interview with Ms Drama here:

The album The Letter was released yesterday in the UK!

Amazon link here:


WILL DOWNING album reviews

November 3, 2010

Will Downing’s killer new album Lust, Love and Lies continues to garner phenomenal reviews and press Stateside!

The Urban Music Scene write:

“The biggest attraction on this Peak Records CD is that Downing’s music superbly slices and dices the tension and thoughts filtering through his mind.  Once again, Lust, Love & Lies proves Will Downing gives us further reason that he is one of the best R&B/jazz interpreters and one of the most dedicated talents in urban music today. ”

Read in full here:–lust-love–lies.aspx


Essence Magazine quiz Will in a brief interview:

“So how do you feel about people calling your work baby making-music?
WILL DOWNING: I hear that more time in a day than I can count. And I guess my music is that because its basically adult music. To be honest I don’t know how to categorize my music, but if people want to call it baby-making music, then I say go on and practice on it.”

Read more:

Read in full here:

Nice work, Will!


WILL DOWNING talks to Blues & Soul!

October 5, 2010

There’s a cracking interview with Will Downing in the new digital edition of Blues & Soul.

Will chats to the newly-promoted assitant editor Pete Lewis (congrats, Pete!), about the strictly soulful new album Lust, Love & Lies, which was released in the UK last week.

Says Will on the concept of the record, which he refers to as an ‘audio soap opera’:

“Well, I’ve actually had the concept for this record for the last five or six years – I just didn’t know how to go ABOUT it at first. But then I finally just said to myself ‘Listen, at what point in your career are you gonna be able to DO something like this – I mean, when is the right TIME?!’… And so with this album I eventually decided to just put the work in and do something completely DIFFERENT! You know, when you’ve done as many projects as I have, after a while people start to say ‘Oh, it’s just another Will Downing record – it’s nothing special’… So at this stage I felt I really needed to kinda just stir up the pot a little bit and do something I’d never done BEFORE! I basically wanted to let people know that creatively I’m not dead yet, and that I still have something to say!”

Sounds good to us!

Read the interview in full here:


WILL DOWNING live session on Joyner!

October 1, 2010

Will Downing ab-so-lute-ly rocked the house on the Tom Joyner Morning Show….not an easy chore at 5:00am!

Click and take a look …’s goood stuff 🙂

Great, right?

Don’t forget, Will’s amazing album Lust, Love & Lies is in-store in the UK this week!

Amazon link here:


Blues & Soul report on WILL DOWNING’S Lust!

September 23, 2010

There’s a great news-piece in the current edition of Blues & Soul on the release of Will Downing’s new album Lust, Love & Lies.

Says Will:

This record had actually been coming together in my mind for five years… I just didn’t know how to go about it at first. I think this album solidifies what I’m doing and where I’m going”

Read the article in full here:

Lust, Love & Lies is released in the UK on CD and download this Monday September 27th!

Amazon link here:


More heat from WILL DOWNING!

September 21, 2010

There’s a great new audio interview with Will Downing talking in-depth about the new album Lust, Love and Lies to DJ Soulswede at

Listen to the interview here:

Also, check there’s a brilliant review in Jet magazine, where the album made the Editor’s pick of the week! In it they rave that Will’s album “contains songs of romance, passion, and heartbreak.”

Nice work!


More praise for WILL DOWNING

September 14, 2010

The reviews continue to roll-in stateside for Will Downing’s forthcoming album Lust, Love & Lies … and everyone seems to be feeling it!

Mark Edwards Nero at writes:

“… Lust, Love & Lies is a compelling listen from beginning to end, and Will’s crossover from smooth Jazz to mainstream R&B is definitely a successful one.”

Read the review in full here: write:

“… the release of his latest project that will stand out from many of his former LPs.”

Read in full here:

Great to see … here’s to many more!