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RAHEEM talks to Blues & Soul

October 20, 2010

During his recent 3-night residency at London’s Jazz Cafe, Raheem DeVaughn sat with Blues & Soul, to talk about his live shows, making music, and the current album The Love & War Masterpeace.

Says Rah on the success of the new album:

“It’s been good. I think I am the type of artist that time and time again either people love or don’t know about. So it means promoting continuously and not give up on it, promoting the records for months at a time and that’s what I am willing to do to get the word out. I try not have any expectations that way I don’t get let down. At the end of the day I just like to make the best music that I can make and put it out to the world and see how they respond to it. It’s always kind of hard and weird to gauge it. When you get on stage and it’s sold out, or the line is wrapped around the building, or you go i-tunes and there are great reviews that’s not bad at all.”


Read the interview in full here:


The word on RAHEEM at the Jazz Cafe: GENIUS!

October 5, 2010

Raheem Devaughn certainly impressed with his three sold-out shows at the Jazz Cafe last week!

Blues & Soul have just posted a glowing review 🙂

They write:

“Overall Raheem put on a remarkable show for his fans, making sure there was something for everybody, and ensuring that all elements of his R&B Hippie Neo-Soul Rock Star persona was on show. This concert confirmed…that Raheem is not only a talented vocalist, but that he has removed himself from the “neo-soul” label, and produced beautiful music to educate, soothe, and enliven his listener.”

The shows really were something special. Come back soon, Rah!

Read the review in full here:


RAHEEM DEVAUGHN live in Paris!

September 29, 2010

This is AMAZING!

Check out these brilliant clips of Raheem DeVaughn onstage during his show in Paris on Monday!

Watch the Soul Medley here:

Watch You here:

If this is a taste of what’s to come – our boy is going to raise the roof at the Jazz Cafe this week!

Hot hot hot!


RAHEEM DEVAUGHN live on Colourful Radio tonight!

September 28, 2010

Exciting news!

Raheem DeVaughn will be a live guest on Colourful Radio tonight 9pm – midnight!

Rah will be in conversation with the mighty Stretch Taylor on his Ghetto Heaven show talking about his album the Love & War Masterpeace, and his hat-trick of shows at London’s Jazz Cafe taking place this Weds-Fri night!

Colourful Radio is available on DAB and digital TV, and also online here:

Tune in!

Also, a heads up if you need to hear more Rah on the airwaves. He’ll be appearing on Chris Phillips’ Choice FM show this Sunday night…

Finally, if you haven’t got your tickets for this week’s show (why not???!!), check the Jazz Cafe for any last-minute spaces:

Can’t wait to see our boy live!


RAHEEM DEVAUGHN live in London next week!

September 23, 2010

Just a reminder that the don of modern soul Raheem DeVaughn will be in London next week for three lives dates at the Jazz Cafe!

Rah will be onstage with his full band playing tracks from his outstanding new record The Love & War Masterpeace…

Dates are Weds Sept 28, Thurs Sept 30, Fri Oct 1st.

More info and booking details here:

We’ve been looking forward to these shows for months! Get a ticket and get down to Camden – these gigs promise to be very special and are not be missed!


RAHEEM speaks Love & War!

May 27, 2010

The latest edition of Blues & Soul also comes up trumps, with this brilliant new interview with Raheem DeVaughn talking in-depth about The Love & War Masterpeace… and on being a hippy!

Says Rah: “I’m a modern-day hippie. So, with half of the album being socially conscious, I definitely wanted to bring people to a higher level of consciousness – and a higher level of love – through the vibration of the music. You know, conceptually it was actually very well thought-out. So, while the plan from the gate was to have the two vibes – social conscience and love/romance – it still all gelled together. And, with that being definitely something that Marvin Gaye was known for, I think that’s why I get those comparisons with him. Because I’m able to bring that same philosophy and thought-process into the music.”


Read the interview in full here:



April 30, 2010

Rah was a guest on Tavis Smiley’s talkshow in the U.S last week, and ever talks incisively about the new record Love & War Masterpeace.

Watch here: