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Soul Cuts interview TOM GLIDE

November 11, 2010

There’s a great interview with Tom Glide  speaking with Soul Cuts about the fantastic new album In The Name Of Luv.

Says Tom on the making of the record:

“Back in the eighties, everybody was smiling. It was about fun, about pleasure, no problems. People went out to party not just to go out. And the music of that time, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Duke, Slave, Pleasure, so many great, great artists. We just wanted to capture that retro feel.”

Read the interview in full here:

Nice work, guys!


TOM GLIDE review!

October 28, 2010

They keep on coming!

Soulchoonz have just  posted a review of the forthcoming Tom Glide & The Luv All-Stars album In The Name of Luv… and they’re feeling it!

Writes Barry Towler:

“Albums like this, from the USA at least, are very few and far between. Every track a winner; no fills and no compromises. Another essential soul set for your collection.”


Read the review in full here:


TOM GLIDE Billboard interview!

October 26, 2010

The heat is building for In the Name of Luv, the debut album from Tom Glide & The Luv All-Stars! Check out this great interview which appeared in a recent issue of Billboard…

The album is released in the UK November 1st on Expansion Records.

Pre-order here:


1 – When did you start your music career (the year, your first project)? What genres do you specialize in?
I have played music in an autodidactic way since i was 10 years old , guitar , drums, bass , some keyboards , but my first recording was made in 1982 in London , contacted by Chris Blackwell ,president of Island Records and Island Pictures.London at that time was hot and exciting creatively.Stayed 40 dayz in St Peter’s square Island studio collaborated with members of Aswad , Londonbeat and one of Bob Marley ‘s engineer Paul ” Groucho ” Smyrkle…That single had a very discret career ahah..But that first magical moment surrounded with those amazing musicians introduced me the right way , discovering recording studio in that very important creative place which London was at the begining of the eighties.Then i’ve turned musically from 1993-94 until now to dance music , house , deep house , tech and minimal house.
More than genres , will prefer to talk about my love for music inna 360° point of view.I luv any kind of music and any kind of music are worlds of influences..I’m naturally develops that concept of ecclecticity .From Tech to Dub ,Reggae to Jazz , Deep House to that’s whatI have been influenced, in the 80’s , by EWF , Kool and The Gang,Quincy Jones, Brother Johnson,Gap Band, O’Jays, Stevie Wonder ,Graham Central Station, Pleasure,Whispers , Cameo , George Duke , Roger Troutman , Zapp music , and, grooves…Then i’ve turned musically until now to dance music , house , deep house , tech and minimal house
What prompted you to pursue a career in music?
I come from lower Parisian middle class . Grew up i with jazz , pop , soul , serge gainsbourg also with lots of cultural mixed stuff…Paris was like that in that period…Was easy to get influences from African or Martinique as close friend parents and family were into that…First concert seen was Art Ensemble Of Chicago @ Art Museum in Paris.Those were concerts for free at museum of modern art every wesnesday…Saw Charlie Mingus , Archie Sheep , as first introduction to music live shows and all that came as a shock, I’ve always made music since i was a little boy. Jimi Hendrix was my first musical revelation.Went to school until the age of 17 and gave up to focus on music .
What are the titles (and year of release) for the key recording projects you’ve worked on/produced; who are some of the key artists you’ve worked with
2002- BEATCRUSHER ” What Da F****” ( Universal France ) composer , producer
2003-NU FREQUENCY ” 808 ( Why Oh Why ) ” Little Mountain Recordings ” Netherland . Single of the week on BBC1…Compiled and Supported by Armin Van Buuren…singer..
2003 – TAM AND JAY Feat ORLANDO JOHNSON ” Party People ” ( Nine Recordings) composer , producer
2004-KEY CORPORATION La La Funkie (Rise Time Scorpio ) singer
2005-2006 ILONA MITRECEY Un Monde Parfait ( Universal -Scorpio-Atollo-Moneypenny ) 3 000 000 singles 500 000 Albums .Multi Gold , and Double Diamond in France .Double Platinum In Portugal , Gold in Germany , DVD Platinum…Awarded as author , composer and arranger
2008-EKAYANI AND THE TOM GLIDE SPACE ” Yoga on the Dancefloor and Sanskrit Mantras ” ( Glide Recordings ) first album release on my own label. On US Tour in that precise moment.
2010-TOM GLIDE AND THE LUV ALL STARS ” In The Name of Luv ” ( Can U Feel It Records )
4 -Who are some of your major musical influences?
I grew up in the 60z and 50z jazz guitar with my dad and uncle who were regularly playing harmonica and guitar old jazz themes.. II grew up with that…All Django Reinhardt repertory ,and Traditional jazz and After that Jimi Hendrix ,Led Zeppelin , The Beatles , The Rolling Stones Serge Gainsbourg was the music i was totally involded in very young with a special thing for Jimi Hendrix. ” Rainbow Bridge ” has been my one favourite album until now .Always discovering something different since that time.
Things wich have influenced the project are obviously : EWF , Jackson 5 , Michael Jackson ,Kool and The Gang , Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder ,Marvin Gaye ,Prince with Clare Fisher ,George Duke , Brother Johnson , T Connection ,James Brown, Cameo , Fred Wesley Horny Horns, O’Jays, Curtis Mayfield , Pleasure , Slave music with wich i ‘ve lived for for a long period of my life….but also Jazz with Miles Davis , Charlie Parker , Thelonious Monk , Chet Baker . Today Tech , Deep and Minimal house are my everyday food and everyday passion..Things i luv and are influencing me are in constant mutation and can change every morning actually. But my range is large too. Music is just emotion.Favourites dj and composers mixed who’ve infuenced me are Loco Dice, Dennis Ferrer , Patch Park, Silicone Soul , Markus Homm , Milton Jackson ,Moodyman , Osunlade , François K , Brendon Moeller, Ted Patterson so manies.. Berlin scene and german labels and still original detroit electronic music legends as Carl Craig , Kevin Saunderson , Juan Atkins , Underground Resistance… But my list is infinite…I’ve lived last two years a fantastic adventure being involved as a producer for Glide Recordings for EKAYANI AND THE TOM GLIDE SPACE .As a dj i’ve played live in many club places as Cielo opening for Peter Munch and Djuma Soundsystem, Apt ,New Century Award , Sapphire Lounge , Label , Jivamukti Yoga , East West Yoga , Knitting Factory and some radio showz for downshift in queen’s live and prepartyradio in brooklyn live too hosted by rubi r.tres and j garcia…luv any kind of good music…contemporain french classical , lots of indie pop , world , lots of reggae , dub…..
What do you hope to accomplish musically with this new album?
A musical dream…A universal vision…Something very special here…From how that project was born and why it was born and where it is going now..A beautiful and magical collaboration between Patrick Smadja , Rahmlee , Patrick Green and myself….Has been creatively very intense ,in a short period actually.We started last August 2009… All done with luv , respect ,emotion , passion and talent…I think to have found with them all the perfect team of work and really yet dreaming about tons of future other perfect collaboration as that one. WIll feel a personal accomplishment if the album emphasizes my qualities as a composer, arranger and producer or if listeners come with a smile to me sayin…Groooovy ahha…
How did you come to select some of the legendary musicians (and singers) who appear on the album? Please list their names and instruments.
RAHMLEE MICHAEL DAVIS : Rahmlee is the original PHENIX HORNS trumpet player who’s toured and recorded with such artists , for more than 25 years, as EWF,PHIL COLLINS,MICHAEL JACKSON,ABBA,CURTIS MAYFIELD,JACKIE WILSON, MACY GRAY,BOBBY WOMACK and many more.He wrote and played all horns arrangements of the album but also sang one of the song LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO and played some clavinet keyboards in two other songs.His international musical status , his real kindness and luv and his passion for the project has been essential to make our 85 Revival sound real and fat.
LARRY DUNN: Larry and his wife Luisa came to visit us during our first session leg in August 2009 @ 4rth street studio in Santa Monica…We listened together to the whole album material and decided to work together on 5 of those 11 songs. Result is those moog synths , fx and pianos a lilttle bit everywhere in songs. Larry is the multi awarded , rock and roll hall of fame , EWF keyboard player and composer of many hits
ALEX AL: Amazing Bass player , beautiful person . Gordon Campbell told me about himself .Was involved in “This is It ” Michael Jackson last rehearsals @ Staples Center. Has played on 3 songs of the album. “I’m Crazy ” ” In The Name Of Luv ” and ” Love is comin up “
BYRON MILLER : Mister Funk. Original GEORGES DUKE incredible bass player too.Has played on 7 songs of the album.
GORDEN CAMPBELL : Incredible Drummer. Never seen anyone play drums like that.Has played on 5 songs of the album
JAMES GADSON : Legendary Drummer who has brought history in our sound. Mister James Gadson has been the everybody drummer from The Supremes to Marvin Gaye or from The Rolling Stones to Herbie Hancock .We recorded his drum tracks on 3 songs ” What’s Your Fantasy ” and ” Get it Off ” in his own personal studio in Inglewood LA. A magical moment…
ORLANDO JOHNSON : Close friend , amazing singer. Orlando sings 3 songs in the album.We made vocals at home in my studio place.
RAFAEL PADILLA : percussions , original founder member of Miami Sound Machine.Has given the earth to our sound and tons of 75’s t85 kind of percussions flavor.Has played on 5 songs in the album
TIM OWENS : Tim was suggested to us by Rahmlee. We were so impressed by the infinity of his vocal range.Tim sings 7 songs in the album.
MAURICE HERD : Strings arranger from Detroit he wrote those fantastic strings arrangements on ” I’m Crazy ” and ” What’s Your Fantasy “
KAMIL RUSTAM : Old friend from Paris . Has been living in LA for 15 years now…Has played the guitar on 4 songs in the album.He has been a great help contacting and selecting some of the cast here..
DAN FLOREAN : One of my closest collaborator and close friend .He has played the guitars on all songs of the album, Co writer on 5 songs in the project
TERRY TAM : Our friend Terry Tam ,our original keyboard player from Paris , co composer of 3 songs in the album
JIMO : EWF’s guitar player .4 songs of the album
TOM GLIDE : Composer , Producer , Keyboards , Synthesizers ,Computer , Electric Guitars , Bass Guitar , Background Vocals
How would you describe the album’s sound/direction to someone who hasn’t heard any of the tracks yet?
A foot in the past Another foot in the future as Maurice Herd says….85’s funk soul revival with some soulful funky house reminiscence. Real amazing cast. Real musicians . No samples .Togetherness…Happiness….Luv….
What do you want listeners to come away with after listening to this album?
Get Up and Dance ! ! If that hour of music can give just a smile, a ” take it easy ” feeling , just a ” get up and dance ” celebration feeling to everyone , i would be happy with that …i’d be proud too if that message of togetherness , brotherhood and Luv can enlight someone …Let’s celebrate that 85 ‘s revival tribute all together …I think that album can have a huge range of listeners. Is real music with real musicians with no distance musically between the past , the present and the future because conceptualized , for many of them at soulful deep house bpm. I’m already working on remixes and looking for right remixers .5 songs of that album were dance songs basically ….All fans of that kind of music , who are trillions on the planet will love the album. You know that music has been sampled for two decades now and still is being sampled now .Comin from Dance culture rediscovering my old original vinyl and tapes has been a trip in the past
What three songs on the album capture the essence of the album?
Very hard to answer as i’ve just finished to mix the album and still emotionally involved in every single song at the same level…I love each note of it…ahahha…And very proud of it too….Every song has its own particular story and its own commercial potential i think…..Will say “I’m Crazy ” ,” Can U Feel It ” , ” Get It Off ” are those three songs which capture the essence of the album ……Musically …This is my personal opinion today without wanting to focus on who is reading that interview but will prefer listeners to listen to the whole album .
Please list the names of the other co-producers/collaborators you worked with on this album?
Yeah…;) My dream team….Well…The first main thing when i’m thinkin about those 45 days sessions with the guyz is that sense of happiness , music , peace ,luv and respect who’ll remain inside probably for a long time..
Patrick Smadja , who is the person from where the project is born. Knowin exactly what he wanna heard and 24/7 part of the creative process of the album.Patrick , as producer and executive producer is at his first big recording project , is the essential element .Have been amazed by his musicality and brilliant responsabilities with some critical musical choices to the direction we wanted to have. Essential.
Rahmlee Michael Davis: The most cool person on earth…Has arranged those fantastic horns in all songs and know exactly the voicing and the intensity he wants in. We have made together an incredible work in arrangement of thoses songs . Rahmlee got that sensibility and that intense musicality of every moment
Patrick Green : Our basement. Patrick got that infinite capacity of work , patience and concentration. Have been inside an incredible number of tracks to take care about , editing real musicians takes , horns , strings , all live…A real mess…Just before the mix we have felt discouraged under tons of tracks to manage but Pat have patiently reconstruct those huge puzzle before mixing . With that incredible result !!
Why do you think a recording by a group of artists (a rare thing these days) will work now?
This project was put together not with the thought in mind to assemble a group of good musicians, but rather a group of wonderfully skilled musicians who not only shared the same passion which Patrick and I carried but who possessed the same vision to create music which contained many elements of the old coupled with the new. We incorporated live instrumentation, ala the old (OG) with modern day musicians, layered with modern day technology. Being fully aware of the subjectivity of music, we hope our music reaches many elements, age groups, etc. of our society. We targeted age groups 18 and older, dancers, and people who simply appreciate good music. We pray we created music to uplift people, bring people closer together.
What is the name of the entire group?
TOM GLIDE AND THE LUV ALL STARS…The Luv All Stars is a house…A house of Luv and a house where , during next years i hope any musicians , talent , will be proud to bepart
Where was the album recorded?
This album was recorded in my own studio in Italy during June July and August 2009 where i composed 15 songs , some in collaboration with Dan Florean and Terry Tam for music , and Orlando Johnson , Sonya Muhammad ,Rahmlee and Alaena Adams for lyrics…I’ recorded there Orlando Johnson vocals….In LA we were hosted by 4th Street Recordings in Santa Monica in september 2009 for some vocals and horns , in Burbank @ Elephant Symphony Studio for other vocals and horns , in Patrick Green’s house in Simi Valley for full horn section and all the rest , drums , bass , vocals , guitars and mixes were made in remarkable Daniel Krieger’s Konscious Studios in Santa Monica in November 2009. And those mixes in January 2010.Additionional keyboards were made at Larry Dunn’s for an unforgettable moment of music and ….delightful food…Thx Larry. Thx Luisa 😉
14. Please repeat again how the idea for this album was conceived?

Yeah sure … A dream comes true…That story was basically born more than 30 years ago when , with Patrick Smajda , at college , we met and played together as guitar player and drummer in those different bands we were playing together in at that time…Lots of Live shows …Lots of parties for more than 5 years and the promise to fly, one day ,in LA to record an album with EWF guys…Hadn’t seen him for ….20 years…When my phone rang one night with Patrick sayin ” Then do we wanna do that funk album in LA ? “.Invited that last 2009 june by Patrick in Tel aviv in Israel for his wedding anniversary, we decided to start the story with one clear briefing. 85’s funk and soul music and no compromises ahha…I said ” Ok , let’s do it my brother….” I wrote 2 songs and we began to check , without knowin anybody studios and musicians there in LA.We found Rahmlee’s number , surprised to hear my voice .I eventually sent him those 2 songs -A week after that he phoned back , sayin was amazed and inspired by the songs and wanna be in.He asked me about the whole album sayin he would be available Then i’decided to write as many songs as possible…Finally made 15 ..Seeing the enthusiam all around us here in LA but also there in Europe we decided to create our own record and publishing label company , CAN U FEEL IT RECORDS AND PUBLISHING. Other projects of that musical inspiration are already in the toaster.



October 13, 2010

Soul Cuts have given a glowing review to In The Name of Luv, the debut album from Tom Glide & The Luv All-Stars.

They write:

In the Name of Luv is the brainchild of fellow Frenchmen, Tom Glide and Patrick Smadja. Years ago, as students, the two promised one another that they would one day record an album with a bunch of Earth, Wind & Fire musicians. Fast-forward a few years and Tom Glide has assembled his dream team (including RahmLee, Larry Dunn, James Gadson and a whole host of top-brass soul luminaries) to produce the most joyous album I’ve heard this year. It’s an unabashed love letter to the classic American soul sounds of the early eighties, replete with punchy horns, sweet strings, real musicians and a truckload of fantastic tunes.”

What a fantastic introduction to a very special album!

Read the review in full and hear some album cuts by clicking n the link: